My name is Marchele Lee, LPC-S, owner of Accedence Counseling. I provide counseling services to assist those going through various

life transitions. Some of the transitions I specialize in include:

  • Relationship Changes

  • Loss of a Loved One

  • Employment Changes

  • Becoming a Caregiver

  • Adjustment Concerns


Services are provided to clients aged 13 and older. Clients younger than 13 are welcome in family therapy sessions on a case by case basis.


It can take a lot of energy to manage life, expectations others have of you and the outcomes you want for yourself. Introduce any sudden or even anticipated life transitions and your world can seem like it's turned upside down.


Working with a therapist who has strong experience in helping others face challenges to achieve positive results can help reduce the stress and burden felt. I will work to support my clients in developing ways to cope and communicate to become better equipped to manage their concerns.  

"Providing collaborative support is my goal"


The word accede has three meanings that describe the values we have at our practice.

One, accede means to give consent, approval or to agree. We seek to make sure all of our clients are in agreement and approve of the treatment services. 

Second, accede means to attain dignity. Our focus is to ensure clients have a sense of dignity while they are seeking help with their life's challenges.

Third, accede means to succeed. We promote and celebrate success whether big or small.