Accedence Counseling services are available to meet your need and goals. Whether you prefer to receive help one on one or you would like to work with others, there is an option available. Couples, families and groups seeking to reach a goal can benefit from the support provided through Accedence.

Individual Counseling Session

A 50 minute session to work on your decided goals. Frequency of sessions to be determined based on client need. Client and counselor use the session to make progress toward goals. 

Family Counseling Session

Family counseling session used to address a presented concern to provide a positive solution for the family members involved. up to four family members can participate. Breakout sessions with some members allowed to help promote desired progress.

Couples Counseling Session

Couples therapy session to address a presented concern to reach a positive solution for both individuals. Clients will receive individual time to express concerns and promote resolution.

Basic Group Session (priced per person)

Participate in group sessions of various topics related to your needs: *Schedule a session for your company or organization and provide a topic to cover. *Join established group counseling events found on the event calendar.