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Hello from Accedence Counseling!

Welcome to Accedence Counseling's Therapy Corner! 


Hello to everyone and I hope you are well. You are receiving this email because you are a current client, former client or a friend to Accedence Counseling. 


After getting into the groove of 2024, it might be apparent that there is a need for additional support.  If you or someone you know needs a therapist, there is availability for new (and returning) clients. Please send an email to or call 214-631-9208 to learn more.


Our inboxes can get really full these days and it can be annoying to have another email to look at. I don't want to add any additional stress. So, please unsubscribe if you need to lighten your inbox load. I completely understand. 


Now if you are still reading, I want to share what you'll get in the Therapy Corner:


  • Therapy Tips and Tools 

  • Engaging Journal Prompts

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Activities

  • Client Progress Stories (HIPAA Compliant)


I have wanted to provide a space to connect with y'all between sessions to share information that can be helpful as you deal with life. If you have any topics you'd like for me to provide insight on, let me know. For those who would like to share their story, contact me to discuss what that will look like (confidentiality and all that).


Thank you for reading this, I hope to remain here. 


-Marchele Lee, LPC-S


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